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QH 63.11 has a mis-spelling:
གཉིད་ཀྱི་སྙོམས་པ་ (gnyid kyi snyoms pa) should be གཉིད་ཀྱི་སྙོམ་པ་ gnyid kyi snyom pa, meaning "desire to fall asleep" 嗜睡

QH p. 177.6
bshes springs las … བཤེས་སྤྲིངས་ལས་
Need to check out the English translation.
Q1. What is the meaning of "yon tan gtso ldan"ཡོན་ཏན་གཙོ་ལྡན"
Mchan bzhi (《四家合注》): yon tan gyi gzhi bla ma dkon mchog lta bu dang phan ‘dogs gtso ldan gyi gzhi pha ma lta bu ste lnga po de la brten nas byung ba’i las….
Q2. How to culculate into 5?

QH p. 177.19
gal te zhal du ‘du ba’i sgo zhi na ni de sems can dmyal ba chen por ltung la…
‘du ba’i sgo YCB index: 門, 增長門. Does zhal here mean food?
LRCM eng: If you have stolen something that is the means for sustenance of the community, you will fall to rebirth as a living being in a great hell.

QH p. 182.19
chung ma ‘gran zla dang bcas pa …
eng. transl. gives "you would have a contentious spouse"
法尊法師譯作: "妻有匹偶"
‘gran pa: (1) v. 競爭, 比賽 (2) a. 相等
‘gran zla: 敵手, 匹敵

QH p. 193.17
chos la shed dbye som gzhig gsung ngo/
Q What does this line mean?
Explanation from Geshe Ye shes thabs mkhas via Roy
Geshela had to used the four interwoven commentary. There are even
different opinions among commentators. Geshe la seems to have
commented on two opinions:

1. divide som with so and ma, ma gshig means not to destroy, ie. to
maintain. Thus to to maintain shed dbye (so), ie. discrimination, with
regard to Dharma.

2. or to gloss it as "shed che ba ma byed", also in the four
interwoven commnentary, which means to not to regard one as being
strong (in the sense of arrogance) with regard to Dharma

 QH p. 194.2
bram zer legs bshad kyi skyes khyer ‘ongs pa zhig
Meaning of "skyes khyer ‘ongs pa"

QH p. 194.6
de bas yun ring tshe srung su ‘dod pas
Whether this means "the one who desires to protect his life for a long time" OR
"therefore, they all desire to keep their life for a long time"?

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