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LRCM Translation Note: Problems in the Eng. Transl.

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QH 197.9
skul byed kyi gzungs
eng. gives "The Formula of Exhortation" without giving a skt. restoration. It seems that the translator does not know it is 準提陀羅尼.

khor rtsom phun sum tshogs pa mngon mtho dang/
eng. p.252 did not give the fourth exellence (or perfection), i.e. the exllence of deeds (rtsom)
See Mchan bzhi 393.5

atisha’i gdams ngag la stan thog gcig tu lus ngag yid gsum rdul du brlags pas da gzhung thams cad gdams ngag tu go ba zhig byung gsung…
eng. p.51: … by "grinding to dust" all wrong actions of body, speech, and mind during one session of meditation on Atisha’s instruction…
This might be missleading.

QH 49.19
de la bsnyen bkur bas bsam sbyor dge ba thob nas rang gzhan gyi don byed cing tshogs rdzogs par ‘gryur…
由侍奉彼(上師), 意樂加行皆得善根, 由此能成辦自他利義, 圓滿資糧.
eng. p.87 "after obtaining virtue through serving and respecting the teacher with thought and practice, …"

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