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A Prayer to Guru-Mahakala Which is Often Recited at the Time of Making Prostrations

This is a very famous prayer to Guru-Mahakala in Tibetan, beginning with the phrase “bla ma mgon po dbyer med la,” literally meaning “in Guru-Nātha non-differential.” (nātha means protector and here refers to Mahākāla) The order switches in the second stanza and it becomes “mgon po bla ma dbyer med la” or “in Nātha-Guru non-differential,” thus makes a verbal impression on the non-different-ness of the Dharma protector from one’s guru. It was taught that this prayers is to be recited at the time when you make prostrations (in front of a shrine, etc). The original version of it must have only two stanzas, but a three-stanza version also co-exists. I first received an oral transmission of the two-stanza version from Guru Yang at Beijing in 1993. In the summer of 1998, Lama Zopa Rinpoche taught me the three-stanza version at Deer Park, Madison, Wsiconsin, after I received a oral transmission of Myur mdzad ma (the prayer to the six arm Mahakala called Quick Acting Avalokitesvara) from Him. I told Him that I was only familiar with the two stanzas, so Rinpoche kindly wrote the three stanzas for me right on the white space after the Myur mdzad ma prayer on my personal prayer book — this was how I obtained this precious handwriting.

上師怙主無別異| |以誠恭敬我歸依| |
我等一切諸有情| |煩惱無餘令除遣1| |

怙主上師無別異| |以誠恭敬我歸依| |
我等一切諸有情| |中斷無餘令除遣| |

祈以此善我於一切生| |無餘執持勝者之正法| |
彼之違緣除遣順緣成| |上師怙主無別作助伴| |

【譯註】1 藏文第三句末有屬聲字kyi(之),因此亦可譯作:我等一切有情之| |煩惱無餘令除遣| |(下頌同)。

【譯跋】據傳承,此《『上師怙主無別』歸依祈請文》若能於佛像前作頂禮時修誦者,功德利益極大。此文有兩種版本,其一有二頌;其二有三頌。譯者最初得二頌本口傳於恩師~楊德能居士。後於1998年夏在美國威斯康辛州麥迪遜鹿野苑,請上師~梭巴仁波切(Lama Zopa Rinpoche)爲傳《速作觀自在讚》時師亦囑誦持,並說有三頌,譯者告以僅知其二,於是仁波切親書三頌於譯者隨身所攜~赤江仁波切彙編本藏文《念誦集》中《速作觀自在讚》後之空白頁上。



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