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dbyer med 譯例

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The Tibetan term dbyer med has two basic meanings: (1) undifferentiated and (2) inseparable. The first indicates two (or more) things are actually one and not different entities – in other words, they are different aspects of one entity (such as the deities and one’s guru); the second refers to two things “mixed up” and are not able to be (easily) separate (such as milk in water). Its Sanskrit equivalents include abheda (asaMbheda) and avinirbhAga. [dbyer med is abbreviated from dbye bar med pa or dbye byar med pa]

藏文dbyer med一詞有二義:(1)無差別、不相異;(2)不可分、不相離。前者如說本尊(包括護法)與上師;後者如說乳與水。梵文對譯包括:abheda (asaMbheda)和avinirbhAga等。[dbyer meddbye bar med padbye byar med pa 的簡寫]



  • 標題 bla mgon dbyer med kyi gsol vdebs
    = 上師怙主無別祈請文
  • byin rlabs vbyung gnas bla ma dang/ /dngos grub gter mdzod yi dam lha/ /
    vphrin las g.yel med ye shes mgon/ /rnam gsum dbyer med snying dbus bzhugs/ /
  • bla ma mgon po dbyer med kyis/ / dag pa’i zhing khams mchog tu drongs/ /
    由師怙主二無別 導往最勝清淨土
  • bla ma mgon po dbyer med la/ /bdag ni gus pas skyabs su mchi/ /

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