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《緣悲頌》匯譯 Translations of dmigs btse ma in 5 forms

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新譯緣悲頌-tib-chi_chen (藏漢合璧 PDF文件)

Here we present a Chinese translation of the following five forms of dmigs btse ma (prayers to Je Tsongkha-pa). For the purpose of co-recitation, the meter are exact following that of the Tibetan stanza (i.e. 9 characters per line).

  • 4-line dmigs btse ma: the initial form
  • 5-line dmigs btse ma: the most popularly recited form
  • 9-line dmigs btse ma – dben sa lugs: a special form taught in Pha bong kha’s extensive Tushita Guru Yoga
  • 9-line dmigs btse ma – srad rgyud lugs: also given in Pha bong kha’s text, this is a form very unusual and not popularly known!
  • 6-line dmigs btse ma (according to Dga’ ldan khri Rinpoche)

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