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Ucchusma Dakini Dharani: different versions

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The Uccuṣma Ḍākiṇī dhāraṇī is given in quite different versions in several sources I have access to. Major difference occurs in the first two words after the beginning syllabus oṃ:

  • The yi dam rgya mtsho’i sgrub thabs rin chen vbyung gnas (mine is Chophel Legdan’s reproduction, New Delhi, 1974) p.473 gives:
    oṃ arakhaṃ cirakhaṃ vimanase ucuṣma mahākrodha hūṃ phaṭ
    — Willson (2000) restored cirakhaṃ as cirkhaṃ
  • The one found in nang bstan pa’i zhal vdon (黃寺藏語系高級佛學院, 1990?) differs on the 1st word after oṃ, but agrees with Willson’s restoration for the 2nd word —
    oṃ aryaṃ cirkhaṃ vimanase ucusma mahākrodha hūṃ phaṭ
    — This also agrees with the bla ma’i rnal vbyor dang yi dam khag gi bdag bskyed sogs zhal vdon gces btus (Dharamsala, 1992)
  • A text in Guru Yang and Hu’s personal collection (楊德能胡繼歐老師個人收藏) gives a very different version in terms of the first two words after oṃ:
    oṃ arli cirla vimanase ucusma mahākrodha hūṃ phaṭ

It is amazing to see a small but popular mantra in Buddhist daily practice presented in such great difference!


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